The traditional wine and cheese bar, elevated

By Zoe Bullock

Going to Casellula feels like your cool, interesting neighbors invited you over to their stylishly understated place for a Sunday night cheese party. It wouldn’t hurt to point out that those neighbors put in time at Union Square Café, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and The Modern before giving themselves over completely to cheese almost 10 years ago. In fact, the entire staff here definitely know and love their cheese and wine. And without being preachy or pretentious, they really want you to love it, too.

Walk into the clean, comfortable space outlined by white walls, exposed brick, and pine tables and floors, and you’re immediately enveloped by the aura—the aroma—of cheese emanating from all around, the most alluring source being the charming glass display case toward to back. With room for about 30 people, it’s like a living room—one with a down-to-earth host who knows all about great wine and cheese, and wants to make sure that you have the time and space to experience it for yourself, too.

The menu features 40 cheeses from around the world: fresh, bloomy, washed, pressed and cooked, and blue. If you can’t imagine how you’d possibly choose from so many enticing options, go with what you already know you want: the curated cheese plate. The house will put together a thoughtful and satisfying assortment for you, each cheese being served with an accompaniment—like a chocolate mousse, a pesto, or a honey compote.
If you somehow find yourself here with a friend who’s craving something other than cheese, point them to tasty snacks like the mustard-miso pickles and stuffed peppadew peppers, or to more substantial fare like pineapple barbecue beef brisket steamed buns, and the fabled Pig’s Ass sandwich, which brings together pulled pork, ham, pickles, chipotle aioli—and, of course, some Cheddar from Shelburne Farms.

Then there’s the wine—and the list here spans five pages, featuring a sizable number of affordable yet surprising offerings. Not only is there an impressive and expansive range of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, there is also beer, cider, even mead—and a single selection listed as “the perfect wine with chocolate.” Enough said.


5 PM–2 AM daily

price range

$13 (seasonal flatbread) to $25 (The Bronson Sandwich)