Chile Pies (& Ice Cream)

By Sharron Wood

Pie is the quintessential old-fashioned dessert, and the interior of the sweets-centric Chile Pies is fetchingly retro too, with artfully mismatched tables and chairs and an antique hutch. But at this New Mexico-inspired bakeshop and café, traditional treats like a country peach pie with blueberries meet their modern match in combos you might never have dreamed you’d find hiding between two layers of pastry. In the signature green chile apple pie, roasted chiles peek out between super-thin slices of apple, giving the dish a subtle heat (a drizzle of honey flecked with red chile pepper doesn’t hurt, either).

On the savory side, a red chile pulled pork sandwich is served on warm, toasted ciabatta with green chile buttermilk dressing and pickled onions. And the Frito chile pie, with ground beef and pinto beans served on top of Fritos still in the bag and garnished with dollops of crema, is like a taste of childhood—if you grew up in the Southwest, that is. If you're on a kale kick, you've got three to choose from: grain and greens, beets and greens, or chicken salad with avocado. Any of these should leave your health karma in good enough shape to consider something sweet again: the pie shakes—as the name suggests, a slice of any pie, crust and all, blended with milk and choice of ice cream—are an oddly addictive treat, and fans of the Baker Street location swear by the ice cream sandwich on a graham cookie, with butterscotch pecan ice cream or sea salted caramel ice cream.

... on the side

sweet seats
Single diners flip open their laptops and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi while perched on one of four stools at a counter overlooking Baker Street, while more sociable sorts take a spot around a corner picnic table that seats six on antique benches.

birthday sweets
Chile Pies now serves cakes (and cupcakes) with ten flavors to choose from, including mud cake, lemon–poppy seed, or your classic chocolate/vanilla.

beans to spill
To-go pies are available in standard metal tins or, for a $5 deposit, glass pie dishes—in case you want to trick your guests into thinking that you baked dessert yourself.


Daily 12 PM–10:00 PM

price range

$7 (veggie Frito pie) to $8 (New Mexican stews)
Desserts $2.50 (single scoop of ice cream) to $8 (pie shake)