DeLise Dessert Café

By Christina Mueller

A macaron is a dainty pastry, an ethereal confection of small proportions. At DeLise dessert café, pastry chefs and owners Dennis and Eloise Leung craft stunning macarons and other sweets with the finesse and elegance of master artists. Trained in classic European pastry, the Leungs create seasonal treats in American and Asian flavors—a black sesame macaron with green tea filling nods to Japan, while a spiced pumpkin coffee cake tilts towards the North American flavor palate.

Sandwiches and ice creams, too, speak in dulcet tones. The crab salad sandwich’s pickled onion and grapefruit vinaigrette sing in opera’s bold notes, harmonizing with the background thrum of green peppercorn aioli. Chocolate mint ice cream, bright with puréed spearmint, crunches with chocolate-covered crisps and contrasts with the soft, vanilla notes of a coconut-pandan sorbet. Yin and yang are in flavorful agreement here.

... on the side

the crowd
With the America’s Cup still in town, you are likely to bump elbows with a Kiwi or two at the café’s window-facing counter. Tourists from Europe and elsewhere, lodged in the nearby hotels, are drawn by the aroma of fresh-roasted Four Barrel coffee and Chai lattes with freshly grated cinnamon.

beans to spill
Martin Yan’s new San Francisco restaurant, M.Y. China, sources numerous flavors for DeLise’s macarons, sorbets, and ice creams such as the coconut-pandan sorbet and durian-vanilla macaron.



Tues–Fri 8:30 AM–7 PM; Sat–Sun 10 AM–6:30 PM
Closed Mondays

price range

$1.25 (miso sesame rice crispy) to $7.50 (kimchi tuna salad sandwich with Asian pear)