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    Seasonal Khichari
    Quinoa Tabbouleh salad
    Veggie curry in cashew sauce

An East Village Ayurvedic eatery where resolutions become reality

By Kat Odell

If food is the best medicine, then cozy, whitewashed East Village boîte Divya’s Kitchen is just what the doctor ordered. Embracing India’s ancient medical system known as Ayurveda–which emphasizes, among other things, eating specific foods based on one’s body type to achieve wellness–holistic chef and owner Divya Alter has for the last year quietly been serving one of Manhattan’s most healthful vegetarian meals. Not only is Alter cofounder of the City’s only Ayurvedic culinary school, Bhagavat Life, but along with her husband, she’s also responsible for North America’s first Ayurvedic chef certification program.

The kind of cooking she advocates is precisely what’s on offer at Divya’s Kitchen: seasonal, mostly organic dishes to balance specific times of year, made with wholesome fats including coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee. During the colder months—right about exactly now, that is—you’ll find heartier spiced foods to warm the body, like a turmeric-tinged mung bean soup flecked with curry leaves, and a creamy cashew sauce–based veggie curry loaded with cauliflower, taro root, and red lentils, among other veggies. Alter also bakes some excellent light and crisp spelt-sesame crackers, best swiped with her tangy avocado dip.
A roster of tea-based beverages offers digestive aid or acid reduction, and bags of those and other Ayurvedic products, including rose jam and various spices, are for sale to-go via a small retail section of the eatery.

Eat for health, or eat simply because it tastes good, at Divya’s Kitchen.


Dinner: 5 PM–10 PM daily
Lunch: Mon–Fri 11:30 AM–5 PM
Brunch: Sat–Sun 11:30 AM–3 PM

price range

$13 (seasonal khichari) to $22 (lasagna)