Fat Rice

By Dennis Lee

Fat Rice is one of the most fascinating restaurants to hit the Chicago dining scene in recent years. The menu features Macanese cuisine, a stunning collision of Portuguese and southern Chinese food with strong influences from Southeast Asia and India. Charlie’s peanuts are a perfect way to start; these addictive boiled peanuts retain a crunch not unlike water chestnuts, flavored with licorice notes of star anise. The potstickers are a must—they are easily some of the best in the city, uniquely presented with a lacy bottom of fried tapioca starch that shatters to the touch. For your main, dive into the Portuguese chicken—it swims in a sweet coconut curry accented with briny, tender mussels, brought together with hidden bites of salty chorizo. To seal the deal, the upside-down pineapple cake is dense and rich with a deep caramel flavor that will leave you yearning for another slice, despite the fact you’re stuffed to the brim.

the crowd

All ages need apply.

... on the side

underground roots
Fat Rice is owned and operated by the former X-marx pop-up underground dining crew, so they’ve got some street cred under their belt.

no reservations
Fat Rice gets packed pretty quickly, and they don’t take reservations, so plan your night accordingly!



Tue–Sat 6 PM–10 PM
closed Sunday and Monday

price range

$4 (Pickles) to $22 (Portuguese chicken)