Fondue Cowboy

By Kim Fortson

There’s nothing ordinary about Fondue Cowboy. Between a well-edited list of wines on tap and the zesty spring salads, owner David Mur seems intent on setting the gold standard for the city’s fondue. Hip, cherry-colored Le Creuset fondue pots simmer with brightly garnished cheeses (think bacon, roasted red pepper, sautéed mushrooms) warmed by custom holders designed by a metal artist down the street. The spread that follows—platefuls of fresh takes on classics like crostini, cornichons, and perfectly roasted potatoes—ensures that, despite the black-and-white westerns playing silently on TV and a framed photo of ruby-hued cowboy boots, you’re definitely not in Kansas when it comes to this fondue. Dip into the rich warmth of the dolce Gorgonzola in the Rawhide or the piquant silk of the Quick Draw’s Manchego, and save room for dessert—the velvet complexity of melted Guittard chocolate mixed with either cayenne, walnuts, or balsamic strawberry puree is simply heaven.

the crowd

Families of four and dolled up twenty-somethings prove the place is equally fit for birthday parties, first dates, and first stops of nights on the town.

... on the side

keepin’ it fresh
Mur sources everything, from the cheese to the wine (available both bottled and on tap) from high quality, often local, purveyors. For instance, the lush chocolate bread that accompanies dessert was made special for the restaurant by Cheryl Burr of Pinkie’s Bakery down the street. And David is constantly updating his finds, meaning you’ll never get stuck with stale bread.

at your service
Take note of the food safety score posted in the window—Fondue Cowboy has earned perfect 100s, two times in a row. David and his staff work day and night to ensure that while they’re serving up the best fondue in the city, the kitchen is spotless.



Tue–Sun 5 PM–10 PM
closed Monday

price range

$8 (small salad) to $25 (savory fondues)