Georgia's Eastside BBQ

Slinging Southern specialties in the LES for nearly a decade

By Erik Mathes

The first thing you need to know about this LES spot is that it’s not all about Georgia-style barbecue. “Georgia” is the name of owner Alan Natkiel’s beloved pup. The kind of barbecue that you will find at Georgia’s is all over the map, from Carolina-style pulled pork doused in a peppery-vinegar sauce, to spicy-sweet Nashville-style fried chicken sandwiches, and even smoked barbecue empanadas.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about one more important element of Georgia’s: the banana pudding. When a place only serves two desserts—both of which are in the pudding category in this case—you should assume that those lone desserts are amazing enough to stand alone. That would be the correct assumption at Georgia’s, where the banana pudding is reason enough to visit. Better yet, get the chocolate pudding, too—so thick it will stand your spoon upright, it goes great in tandem with the creamier banana variety.

Of course, you definitely should visit Georgia’s for the barbecue. Whether you prefer spice-rubbed baby back ribs, pulled pork in a tangy tomato-vinegar sauce, or Texas-style smoked brisket, you’ll be pleased with the flavors (and the heaping portions). The chicken and ribs plate comes with a half rack of Georgia’s tender ribs, along with three pieces of the juiciest buttermilk fried chicken you’ll find in the city. On top of that, the plate comes with two sides, which might represent the toughest decision you’ll be faced with during your meal.
Yes, whether you’re selecting from the main menu or from the ever-changing daily specials, you’ll be forced to narrow down your side dish selections from a remarkable mix of delicious options. Can you really choose between cast-iron skillet cornbread (with actual corn baked in), country-style collard greens, chunky red potato salad, or sweet-and-smoky baked beans with bacon? Depending on the day you dine, you might also be tempted by grilled farmers market asparagus with garlic and lemon, chipotle Cheddar hush puppies with honey, and Bourbon brown sugar sweet potatoes, among other delectable creations.

With only about twenty seats, Georgia’s is certainly a small spot, but the food packs an outsized punch—and some of the best judges of food in the city agree, from the New York Times and New York Magazine to Gothamist and Eater. And the laid-back ambiance here is enough to transport you out of NYC and into true Southern comfort, if only for the duration of your meal.


11:30 AM–11 PM daily (open until 1 AM for delivery)

price range

$15 (pulled pork plate) to $22 (chicken and ribs plate)