Locanda Veneta
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Locanda Veneta

Locanda Veneta is just the way an Italian restaurant ought to be. (Had the former Venetian Republic established a West Hollywood consulate devoted to preserving culinary traditions, this would have been it.) For 20 years, the low-lit charmer has turned out classic, faithfully executed Northern Italian food, from generous portions of homemade pasta, like the signature spaghetti with lentils, to impossibly tender calamari alla veneta. Chef-owner Andre Ginekis also does about a dozen specials each night, and Italian wine lovers will find an impressive list with a full range of prices. The lively open kitchen and doting Italian staff don’t hurt, either. Black-and-white photos of Piazza San Marco, gondolas and the Rialto Bridge complete the picture.

sweet seats

Couples will want to try for one of the two-tops by the window, for a little extra space.

chew on this

The $47.95 Venetian Sunday special comes with four courses, including one with pasta—and Ginekis makes it fresh daily.


lunch: Mon.–Fri. 11 AM–5 PM
dinner: Mon.–Sun. 5 PM–10 PM

price range

$12.95 (penne in garlic tomato sauce) to $39.95 (10 oz. filet mignon in truffle sauce)