Gobi -- Silver Lake's favorite Mongolian BBQ

By Shontel Horne

Like the recent movie—it’s complicated. But Gobi’s brilliant design-your-meal concept for Mongolian barbecue isn’t really that hard to follow. First, decide whether you want to go traditional or adventurous. Then get in line. A welcoming Buddha watches over the protein, as you fill your large bowl with thinly cut Angus beef, chicken, lamb, or pork. Next, your assembly line journey brings you to the seasonal produce, for a fill-up of maybe butternut squash, water chestnuts, spinach, or leafy Chinese broccoli. But it’s the sauce selection where Gobi truly shines, with 13 combos—like Asian pesto, lemongrass, smoked-oyster—that bring your creation fully to life. Finally, hand off your masterpiece to a cook behind the counter, give him your noodle request, and watch your meal fly above the enormous grill in between a pair of two-foot-long chopsticks. With just 12 tables, a tiny bar serving only beer (six on tap), wine, sake, and tropical soju cocktails, Gobi bubbles over with a very Silver Lake personality that, like many of the sauces, can be very hot indeed.

sweet seats

Try to snag the corner booth for a great view of the grill—and of the shuffling feet along West Sunset.

chew on this

Gobi frequently highlights one vegetable a month on its menu, sourcing their produce from local vendors such as the Echo Park and Larchmont farmers markets.


lunch: Mon.–Sun. 11:30 AM–6 PM
dinner: Sun.–Thurs. 6 PM–10 PM; Fri.–Sat. 6 PM–11 PM
happy hour: Mon.–Fri. 4 PM–7 PM

price range for menu items

$9.95 (lunch bowls) to $13.95 (dinner bowls)


lunch: 11:30 AM-4 PM
dinner: Sun-Thu 4PM-10PM; Fri-Sat 4PM-11PM
happy hour: Mon-Fri 4PM-7PM