Goood Frickin' Chicken

Goood Frickin' Chicken

Hiding behind the campy moniker (yes, there are three “o”s in “Goood”) and cartoon mascot at this casual neighborhood joint is some mighty “goood” Middle Eastern food screaming for attention. While you may be overwhelmed by the many Bernal Heights families communicating loudly with their kids, one bite and they will melt into the murals of sky, clouds, fruit groves, and mountainside shepherds that splash over the walls and onto the ceiling. Never doubt, though, that poultry rules the roost here. Signature rotisserie and open-flame chickens, lavishly coated with marinades as they grill, are pierced with the flavors of sumac, thyme, and a host of other Middle Eastern spices. Owner Nabeel Yousef offers a mix of customary Mediterranean specialties (sesame-encrusted falafel, olive oil pitas dusted with za'atar) and authentic Jordanian foods (mansaf, a combination of cubed lamb, aged yogurt, and rice pilaf that is the country’s national dish). For dessert, alternate sips of Turkish coffee with bites of kenafeh, a layered confection of shredded phyllo, cheese, and honey. And get your head out of the clouds long enough to savor the frickin’ chicken, always the main attraction here.

sweet seats

For a full view of the restaurant in action, try to swing seats at the tables closest to the entrance.

chew on this

According to the S.F. Chronicle, owner Nabeel Yousef is a native of Jordan who came to San Francisco in 1986. The name Goood Frickin’ Chicken was born out of copious recipe testing that continually produced the same results: “that’s some good frickin’ chicken.”


daily 11 AM–10 PM

price range

$2.75 (cup of soup) to $19.95 (whole rotisserie chicken meal)