Green Chile Kitchen

By Mary Ladd

Green Chile Kitchen
Trevor Logan has crafted a dining temple dedicated to the pleasures of New Mexican food. His NOPA restaurant, adorned with streams of dried firey chiles and colorful religious icons is The Place to experience distinctly New Mexican cuisine (and yes, it is different than Mexican food). Ignore the calendar date and get in the Christmas spirit with the Christmas style chicken enchiladas, with gorgeous, piquant slashes of red and green chile sauces, sourced from family owned Bueno Foods in New Mexico. For a meal that easily serves two, there’s nothing sexier than Mary’s free-range rotisserie chicken, lovingly rubbed with green chile. The crispy skin with its tender-juicy thigh meat is best smeared with bites of creamy refried beans. For a cozy winter treat go for the posole - a rich stew of New Mexican red chile, hominy and chicken, garnished with cilantro & lime and served with housemade blue corn tortillas. Wash it all down with a cooling glass of green chile lemonade, or if you’re in the mood for something stronger, a beet margarita.

the crowd

Couples, backpack toting 20-somethings, businessmen and artsy types spanning generations. Then there’s the balding dude with the “Hungry. Foolish” tee. (We’re not convinced he’s such a fool!)

... on the side

sweet thing
Sopaipillas are a New Mexican fried bread traditionally served at the end of the meal with honey, or alongside a meal as an accompaniment. GCK keeps a full stash of Honey Bears filled with Monroe’s all natural honey. The red version is tinged with red chiles that sweeten up the hot fried bite in a manner that’s more mild than wild.

on the stereo
Patsy Cline, Mumford and Sons, Alabama Shakes



Sun–Thu 9 AM–9:30 PM; Fri–Sat 9 AM–10 PM

price range

$5 (blue corn tortillas with Christmas chile) to $20 (Mary’s free range rotisserie chicken dinner)