Texas comfort in the Flatiron district

By Joshua Lurie

Hill Country Chicken
Marc Glosserman took Manhattan by storm with Hill Country Barbecue back in 2010, channeling his father’s Texas roots. In 2010, he followed up with a nearby joint specializing in fried chicken, a cavernous, glass-fronted space withJetsons-style starburst chandeliers that has turned out to be just as off-the-charts popular. Hill Country Chicken ain’t fancy: You order at the counter, cafeteria fashion, from a pastel yellow menu, which matches the retro ovens. There are two varieties of chicken—Mama Els, skinless and brined in buttermilk, with a golden cracker crust; and my favorite, the Classic, with cayenne and brown sugar—the HC Shake—sprinkled on top, for a burnished bird that’s both spicy and sweet. Both come piecemeal or as a Pick of the Chick combo, which pairs easily with pull-apart buttermilk biscuits and sides like creamy coleslaw, “Blistered” corn salad with red wine vinegar and jalapeños, or Fire-n-Ice pickles (somewhat-sweet cukes supercharged with chile flakes). And don't rule out breakfast here—chicken biscuits, chicken and waffles, or even Egg Pie (Texas for "quiche").

... on the side

sweet seats
Cushioned counter seats face bustling Broadway. Another good option is one of the communal tables that jut from the south wall, offering prime views of the scene and street.



Mon-Fri: 7:30AM-10PM (breakfast served 7:30AM-11AM)
Sat-Sun: 9AM-10PM (breakfast served 9AM-12PM)

price range

$1.75 (wing) to $5.50 (breast) to $27 (8-piece Pick of the Chick)