Hillside Supper Club

By Sean Finney

Hillside Supper Club is a concept you can really sink your teeth into. Two chefs band together with friends to launch a roving supper club that holds dinners everywhere from apartments to coffee shops. Finally, they settle down in an old Victorian with tons of history on the edge of Precita Park in newly discovered Bernal Heights, where they cook sophisticated comfort food that makes you want to move in next door.

The restaurant happened with the help of the tight community it is surrounded by—good thing the menu is less expensive than the real estate in this postage stamp–sized San Francisco neighborhood. Chefs Tony Ferrari and Jonathon Sutton make scrumptious house-made tortellini with ricotta, peas, and spring onions, or sautéed trout with beets, Israeli couscous, and horseradish for less than anyone should expect to pay for something so delicious.

the crowd

You can arrive by Google bus, stroller, or cane and feel equally at home.

... on the side

two chefs, both alike in dignity
When chef Tony Ferrari says he felt most fulfilled learning about pasta from grandmothers in the Italian countryside, we believe his story. Order his handmade pasta and you will, too.

Growing up in Washington State, Jonathan went foraging and Trout fishing with his brothers, which inspired the Mount Lassen Trout dish. The two chefs forage almost every day.



dinner: Sun 5 PM–9 PM; Mon–Thu 5 PM–10 PM; Fri–Sat 5 PM–11 PM
brunch: Sat–Sun 10 AM–2 PM
closed Tuesday

price range

$6 (roasted fennel soup) to $22 (Mount Lassen trout)