Jun-Men Ramen Bar

A hidden gem with serious ramen in Chelsea

By Claire Carusillo

If you’re walking down Ninth Avenue, lost in the clouds or your phone, you just might miss this inconspicuous ramen spot a few doors above 25th Street—and that would be a shame. An alum of Zutto and Catch, Chef Jun Park will open your eyes to some other hidden possibilities just waiting to be discovered. Drenched in maple-Bourbon butter and served with aïoli, the humble side of sweet potato fries becomes the most umami-charged dish at this trendy joint. And if you still haven’t quite seen the light, next comes the pork bone broth.

Jun-Men’s interior is bright, small, and unadorned, save for a few shelves and long blond wood tables—and’s that quite alright, since enough is happening in the open kitchen behind the bar to keep your attention as you try to contain your anticipation for ramen. Meanwhile, the chefs serve up small “bites” like fresh tuna poke, squishy steamed pork and shiitake buns, chicken wings, and some fried sweet potatoes that will forever change your perspective on the russet potato’s notoriously safer, less savory cousin.

In the early evening, the tiny corridor that comprises Jun-Men is filled to capacity, and outside the glass windows a sizable line forms, even on a quiet Wednesday night. Tap your spoon against the matcha crème brûlée to hear the satisfying crack of the sugar casing—and to applaud the line-dwellers outside for not letting this simple space and satisfying Japanese comfort food elude their attention.


Dinner: Mon–Thu 5 PM–10 PM; Fri–Sat 5 PM–11 PM
Lunch: Mon–Sat 11:30–3 PM
Closed Sunday

price range

$14 (pork bone–spicy pork bone ramen) to $18 (uni mushroom ramen)