By Josh Bernstein

The holiday season can be nerve-wracking, mainly due to the paralyzing inability to answer a single question: What gifts should you get your loved ones and friends? Murray Hill’s Lamazou simplifies gift buying with its goodies-filled, one-of-a-kind baskets. Though the Lilliputian shop looks like your average workaday deli, it’s actually a gourmet foods wonderland chockablock with around 200 varieties of cheese, charcuterie, and chocolates. You can either order one of the prepared baskets, or work with the shop’s expert to custom-tailor a basket that’s packed, wrapped, and sealed to your specifications. Stock it with plenty of prosciutto, pecorino, chorizo, marzipan, and fresh mozzarella, or maybe some excellent olive oils and several jars of sublime jams and spreads. This is a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays recede into the rearview mirror.

Basket Highlights

Belgian chocolate thins
Columbus Salumeria habanero hot salame
Riesling x Sylvaner Camembert
Alya premium extra-virgin olive oil

... on the side

no need to cook
Looking for a quick meal on the go? Lamazou also makes some of the finest, freshest sandwiches in the neighborhood. One pick: the Lamazou Favorite, which is made with mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and proscuitto di Parma. The homemade salads and quiche are also pretty great.

it’s party time
Let Lamazou supply all the food you need for your next shindig. The smoked-salmon, Middle Eastern, and mozzarella platters are suited for groups both big and small.


Mon–Sat 10 AM–8 PM; Sun 11:30 AM–8 PM

price range

$1 (Night Owl chocolate chip biscotti) to $ 34.99 a pound (bresaola)