More than a run of the mill coffee shop

By Jessica Ingber

Don’t let the smell of freshly brewed coffee and shots of espresso fool you. They mean business (and dinner) at LAMILL, Silverlake’s most coveted coffee shop turned supper staple. First thing’s first: libations, and LAMILL has no shortage of them. Think hand drip coffee, traditional German beer, and enough red wine to make you question if you mistook a coffee shop for a local winery. Once you’ve settled in, it’s decision-making time. A big bowl of tomato basil soup topped with a dollop of crème fraîche is the first move. Next up, ask for the ABLT. This isn’t your average BLT; instead of bacon, think juicy pork belly. Iceberg lettuce? Not a chance. They opt for peppery arugula, and lots of it. Rise and shine, it’s time for dinner.

the crowd

We have one word for you: hipster. We’re in Silver Lake, after all. Be prepared for black-rimmed glasses and lots of flannel.

... on the side

window shopping
We love the tables for two by the window. Perfect for scoping out Silver Lake Boulevard passersby.

boozy tea
Want your tea with a little kick? They’ve got you covered. Ask for a glass of their Tea Champagne. We promise its something to toast to.

so long, meters
In this town, parking is nothing to joke about it. Snag a spot (for free!) in the back. Feel free to mock everyone else on the block who has to opt for valet.


7 AM–10 PM; Fri–Sat 
7 AM–11 PM

price range

$5 (mushroom soup) to $17 (jidori chicken)