Lazy Point

Smart cocktails, nautical vibes, delicious bar food

By Maria Yagoda

For those suffering from the common New York summertime affliction of wishing you were in an A-frame in Montauk, relief can be found at this new cocktail bar on Spring Street. Like the neighborhood it calls home—not quite Tribeca, not quite West Village—Lazy Point is named after a sliver of a gem located just before Montauk. And in this room formerly occupied by The Anchor, the semi-ironic Hawaiian shirts, reasonably-priced bar food, and smart cocktails feel like a revelation.

Despite the laid-back, nautical vibes, the elevated bar snacks here are far more refined—and more delicious—than you’d expect to find at a seaside shack. Crunchy fish tacos, shamelessly loaded with guac, somehow maintain a lightness about them, while the house-made chips stand by to scoop up whatever falls out. Briny Bloody Mary oysters help keep the fantasy going; the cheeseburger, nothing fancy but no less excellent for it, might seem a bit off-brand for the beach, but tastes like a vacation in a bun.
It's the cocktails, though—too thoughtful to need mini umbrellas as diversions—that fill the place up by six on a Tuesday. Lazy Point’s most popular drink, the refreshing Pistachio Mule, is made with house-infused pistachio vodka. It has enough in common with the standard mule to appease purists and just enough variation to elicit an affirmative “huh!” The rose jam–topped Rose Bramble, a glorified snow cone in a cup, is another rare case in which simplicity is directly proportional to the ability to surprise.

After downing a few drinks—and hopefully at least one of them is a house margarita—you may find yourself ready for another snack. Conveniently enough, the menu is stacked with dreamy booze food, the dreamiest of all being the crispy, airy tempura fingerling potatoes, which are graced with a generous splattering of spicy aïoli. You may still be tucked away on the far west side of lower Manhattan, but your mind will have its toes deep in the sand out on the East End.


Dinner: Tue–Thu 5 PM–2 AM; Fri 5 PM–4 AM; Sat 8 PM to 4 AM
Closed Sunday and Monday

price range

$10 (The Montauk cheeseburger) to $15 (Lazy Point fish tacos)