M Café

By Beth Schwartz

The enduringly popular M Café has elevated the macrobiotic diet from a stereotyped fad (one that reeks of patchouli) to a legitimately healthy habit (that smells pretty hip these days). For you meat-loving cynics shaking your heads, you’ll eat your words after biting into a Big Macro, dripping with M Café’s tart-and-savory sauce, smeared over a burger composed of whole grains, brown rice, and vegetables, all stuffed into a toasted whole-wheat bun. The sweet-potato fries are no joke either. Soft in the middle, drizzled with lime for just enough tang and crisped to perfection on the outside. And check out the new additions for spring: split pea and barley soup; spelt berry salad with crunch vegetables, and seaweed salad with fresh green apple and red radish. Warning: It only takes one meal to become an M Café addict, which is evident from all the regulars who order the “usual” after grabbing a small table and starting in on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. They are in no rush to leave this amiable environment, a world of macro made sexy, where even the three-layered chocolate mousse is as easy on the hips as it is on the lips.

menu musts*

Big Macro burger
Maple-glazed vegetables
Sesame soba noodle salad with sesame dressing and fried tofu
Seaweed salad
Madras tempeh wrap (Masala-baked tempeh with curried soy yogurt)
*menu changes seasonally
view full menu here

sweet seats

The two-top tables next to the deli counter are the prime location to view the freshly made salads and desserts. The communal table is also fun and easy.

chew on this

Macrobiotics has five seasons: High-summer fire season (June 21 to mid-August), late-summer earth season (mid-August to September 21), winter metal season (September 21 to December 21), winter water season (December 21 to March 21) and spring wood season (March 21 to June 21). The wood season at M Café begins March 20, with revitalizing new menu selections.


Mon.–Sat. 9 AM–10 PM; Sun. 9 AM–9 PM

Beverly Hills
Mon.–Sat. 9 AM–9 PM; Sun. 10 AM–7 PM
Both locations now have curbside pickup. Just call to place an order, and your meal will be delivered right to your car.

*no reservations

price range for menu items

$2 (inari sushi) to $14.25 (grilled tuna burger)


Mon-Sat: 9AM-10PM
Sun: 9AM-9PM