A taste of Lebanese hospitality

By Zoe Bullock

The traditional flatbread goes by many spellings and variations across the countries of the Levant, but at this cozy establishment on Bleecker Street, the name of the game is, without question, Manousheh. A brick wall, a Lebanese flag, hard mahogany seating, and some street signage crown the interior, but once you settle in, you notice the real highlight: the fire of the brick oven. This is where the magic of the freshly baked-to-order manousheh happens.

The traditional Lebanese breakfast item has a chewy, doughy, fluffy interior and an exterior of highly textured crunch. With its tang of sumac, thyme, and sesame, the zaatar option is a can’t-miss choice for authentic flavor, but the compact but significant menu offers plentyboth vegetarian and meat options. Served with lemon wedges and Aleppo peppers, the lahem bi ajine features ground beef, tomatoes, and onions baked directly onto it.
For the perfect post-work snack, look to the fatayer bites–a special that is not always available–which are small triangles filled with spinach, tomato and onion that pack in Lebanese flavors and all of the right doughy and crunchy textures. And definitely don't forget about the labneh, a thick, strained yogurt that brings rich, creamy coolness and freshness to your palette. If you are in the mood for something sweet, grab the manousheh with nutella or halaweh, a traditional sesame-based sweet, or even combine them for an extra sweet sensation.

Sip on some ayran, a traditional Lebanese salty yogurt drink served cold, or luxuriate in a café blanc, a hot, soothing and delicate, authentic Lebanese post-meal drink made with hot water and a splash of orange water, to round out the perfect Beirut-meets-Soho meal with a taste of Lebanese hospitality.


Sun–Thur 10 AM–11 PM; Fri–Sat 10 AM–1 AM

price range

$5 (zaatar) to $ 9 (avocado and zaatar)