Mission Picnic

By Virginia Miller

Gourmet sandwiches are plentiful in this town, but Mission Picnic, a closet-sized gem on 22nd Street, carves out it’s own turf in this crowded field, obliging with the likes of a spicy yellow coconut curry–albacore tuna sandwich, or an amped-up Cubano layered with pineapple and avocado-jalapeño aioli over ham, pork, and pepper jack. This is all fantastic, but what if there was a better-than-you-dreamed-it-could-be interpretation of a fast food favorite? The Mac Beef ($8.50) is Mission Picnic’s new triple threat sandwich, and an exclusive for BBE members: mountains of thinly-shaved pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing slaw, pickled red onions, and three levels of brioche. Childhood flashbacks hit as the massive sandwich towers before you, the brioche and pastrami dissolving in your mouth. This is a grown-up version, however—a Cali-style Rueben for the gourmand who has (occasional) guilty visions of indulging in fast food. Now seems as good a time as any to give in.

... on the side

beans to spill
First off, Mission Picnic is cash only. Secondly, watch for delectable dessert specials, like banana bread pudding or fresh baked cookies. Lastly, Mission Picnic plans to open a second location by year’s end.

sweet seats
Grab a mess of sandwiches to-go and walk a few blocks to Dolores Park. Head uphill west on Twentieth Street along the south side of the park, for a picnic with a stunning view.

eye for design
Empty Coca Cola, Fanta, and Squirt glass bottles make up a compelling light fixture over the counter. Hanging in a crate, each bottle houses a light illuminating it from within.



Mon–Sat 11AM–7 PM; Sun 11 AM–5 PM

price range

$8.50 to $8.95