The Monk's Kettle

By Laura Fraser

Forget the wine bar: The Monk’s Kettle is the Mission mecca for beer tasting and pairing. Named for the original Belgian Trappist Monks who brewed beer in a kettle, this place is for people who make a religion of beer. With 24 brews on tap and a leather bound binder housing the rest of the list, bartenders are happy to have you taste of Pliny the Elder, Reality Czeck, Death & Taxes, and all manner of sour, Flanders-style, smoked, wild, gypsy, or non-alcoholic beers. The bar food is as artisanal as the brews, with burgers, a daily pickle jar, and locavore specials.

Who can resist whipped bone marrow on toast with their beer? Or bavette steak with bacon fritters and blue cheese? Spent grain and chickpeas are cobbled into a burger that is anything but veggie and topped with fromage blanc and onion jam. Each entrée—including a daily roast —is paired with beer. Ale-bricked chicken, hop salt fries… you’ll even find beer brittle on the arugula salad.

... on the side

at your service
If anyone knows more about beer than the servers at this place, give them a PhD as a cicerone (one of the words you can look up in the Monk’s Kettle menu glossary).

“Which gluten-free beer do you recommend?”

OFF THE CHARTS—so much chatter about beer that it becomes a loud, hazy blur.


Daily 12 noon–2 AM

price range

$8 (local greens) to $25 (seared diver scallops with crispy crab risotto)