Nick & Stef's Steakhouse

Photo credit: Joshua Lurie


Photo credit: Joshua Lurie

A triple play of the finest steaks and whiskeys

By Joshua Lurie

There are certain, special elements that can essentially guarantee an exceptional culinary experience. A deluxe cut of steak does the trick. And then over in this corner, there’s distinctive whiskey. At Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, the modern downtown classic from Patina Restaurant Group, they’re tripling down on the formula with Cut and Whisky, an exclusive menu that pairs three memorable steaks with three remarkable spirits for a meal you’re unlikely to soon forget.

Nick & Stef’s thrived for 15 years at the base of Wells Fargo Center before receiving a refresh in 2015. Now the updated space is introduced by a triangular lounge with glass framing and wood bar, and the dining room touts rust-colored booths and art-lined, sea blue walls. While the location goes a long way toward endearing the restaurant to the Downtown business crowd, it’s the food that has made it destination-worthy, all thanks to chefs Megan Logan and Andreas Roller.

As you’d expect, steak gets the spotlight. Nick & Stef’s houses an impressive dry-aging room, showcasing rib eyes, tomahawks, and more, all of which are aged for at least 28 days. Most cuts come from Snake River Farms in Idaho, potato-finished for white marbling, though ultra-premium Kobe also shows up on the menu. All steaks are grilled over oak and mesquite wood, resulting in beautifully seared shells.
For Cut and Whisky, a rolling cart arrives table-side with NY strip, American Wagyu rib eye, and A5 Kobe in a row. Your server slices each steak and plates it with arugula, a dish of sea salt, and four different sauces. The beef is more than impressive on its own, though nobody would fault you for adding Bearnaise, spicy-tangy yuzu sauce, Argentinean chimichurri, or the rich sauce of veal stock, Bourbon, and cream.

NY strip is rosy and tender, with the least marbling, and pairs well with Hudson Baby Bourbon, a corn whiskey from New York that touts sweet, spicy minerality. American Wagyu rib eye contains richer marbling and has less bite, and works harmoniously with Kikori, a rice whiskey from Kyushu, Japan, that’s downright refreshing and packs sake sweetness. A5 Kobe is heavily marbled and eats like beef butter. Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky from Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture counters with nutty, vanilla-tinged notes.

Sides are plentiful and decadent in themselves, with choices like mac-and-cheese of orecchiette, Gruyère, and fried shallots; Szechuan long beans, and earthy wild roasted mushrooms—maitake, shimeji, and hen of the woods—tossed with shallot butter and Oloroso sherry. Really, though, it’s all about the steak and whiskey.

Photo credit: Joshua Lurie


Mon–Fri 11:30 AM–9:30 PM; Sat 5 PM–9:30 PM; Sun 4:30 PM–8:30 PM

price range

$29 (grilled free-range chicken) to $89 (A5 NY Strip)