Come for the fresh buffalo mozzarella, stay for everything else

By Jean Trinh

Is the mozzarella legit? Maybe you’ve merely wondered this from time to time when perusing a menu, or maybe you’re downright obsessed with it. Either way, this casual, modern restaurant, which got its start in Rome 14 years ago and has now grown to comprise dozens of locations from the UK to Japan—including three in LA—is the kind of place where you just don’t have to think twice. The folks who run Obicà are so serious about their cheese that they’ve insisted on flying in the bufala mozzarella, straight from Campania, every week.

Along the way, they’ve received plenty of accolades; the Los Angeles Times lauded them for “serving up some of the freshest mozzarella around.” So there’s no doubt you’re going to want to order their next-level mozzarella sampler. This delightful opening act is a tour for the tastebuds, the creamy cheese complemented by pungent anchovies and marinated artichokes.
But Obicà also imports luscious prosciutto and mortadella from Italy. And then there’s the pizza dough, a mixture of Italian flours that, when left to rise for 48 hours, produces a perfectly light and airy crust. In fact, simplicity, organic ingredients, and freshness are the cornerstones of every dish here. That’s why one of Obicà’s best pizzas is humbly dressed with a sweet tomato sauce, spread of spicy ‘nduja sausage, and dollops of lush stracciatella di burrata.

For the headliner, you can't go wrong choosing one of Obicà’s fresh pastas, like the wide pappardelle egg noodles swirled with a rich duck ragù. Then you can finish it off with a slice of creamy bufala ricotta cheesecake, speckled with chunks of chocolate. Think you might have ordered too much? Don’t worry—it’s not a true Italian meal if it isn’t multi-coursed, savored and shared with loved ones, and sending you home with leftovers.


West Hollywood: Mon–Thu noon–10 PM; Fri noon–11 PM; Sat 10 AM–11 PM; Sun 10 AM–10 PM
Century City: Sun–Thu 11:30 AM–10 PM; Fri–Sat 11:30 AM–11 PM
Santa Monica: Mon–Thu noon–10 PM; Fri noon–11 PM; Sat 10 AM–11 PM; Sun 10 AM–10 PM

price range

$8 (ricotta di bufala) to $29 (tagliata)