Opart Thai

Opart Thai

By Dennis Lee

If you want to visit Thailand, you can at least afford to send your mouth there on a first class ticket. Opart Thai House features warm and authentic Thai food along with unmistakably Thai decor that’ll fool you into thinking you’ve actually traveled thousands of miles to get there. And that’s without the little kid kicking the back of your airplane seat for sixteen straight hours.

For the carnivore, the Tiger Cry is a pile of sweet and salty char-grilled beef paired with a sharp, vinegary sauce that’ll make you feel like you’re at an Asian backyard barbecue. If your guilty pleasures include fried wontons, the crab Rangoon is a crisp, savory, and creamy iteration of the delicious finger food. For those who are tired of pad Thai and aren’t afraid of heat, the gaeng pet ped is a velvety bowl of roast duck, stewed tomatoes, and sweet pineapple, all in coconut milk seasoned with a dazzling punch of hot spice. And for fish lovers, Opart Thai House even serves a whole fried red snapper that’ll make you wonder why you don’t leave the head on every animal you eat.

the crowd

While the crowd consists mostly of local over-thirty office workers, you’ll also see families and college students from nearby schools all enjoying a very well-priced meal.

... on the side

eye on design
The entire space is decked with decorations that whisk you to Thailand. Three impressive prints fill an entire wall, while glittering golden headdresses line the opposite side, all under display lamps. There's no kitsch here; all the pieces are of authentic Thai origin.



Sun–Thu 11 AM–10 PM
Fri–Sat 11 AM–11 PM

price range

$6.59 (pad Thai) to $14 (half fried catfish)