Sweet and salty with a touch of spice

By Maryse Chevriere

The theme among the goods you’ll find at this oh-so-charming Greenpoint bakeshop and café? “Sweet and salty with a touch of spice,” says Agatha Kulaga, one half of the baking duo behind Ovenly. She and business partner Erin Patinkin originally met at a book club, where they bonded over a pistachio-cardamom cake with dark chocolate ganache, and have been cooking up creative confections ever since. At their Anthro-chic space, you can expect to find everything from their signature salted chocolate chip cookies and spicy bacon caramel corn to mustard cheddar scones and chocolate, black caraway, and smoked salt shortbread. If you only get one thing here (which is not recommended, p.s.) make it the salted chocolate chip cookie. The pitch-perfect chewy cookie will make you wonder why you haven’t always been enjoying your sweets with a dash of salt, the seemingly at-odds pair working in harmony to bring out the best in each other. Also not to be overlooked is the dark chocolate candied ginger cookie—a dark, decadent treat with pieces of spicy-sweet candied ginger throughout to help cut the richness.

the crowd

Cool-kid Brooklynites who prefer their cafés quaint, their coffee local, and their pastries handcrafted and creatively flavored.

... on the side

eye for design
It’s a mismatched chic kind of look—muted creams and grays against colorful accents like turquoise cake stands, vibrantly patterned wallpaper, and green leafy bouquets.



Mon–Fri 7:30 AM–7 PM; Sat–Sun 8 AM–6 PM

price range

$2.50 (salted chocolate chip cookies) to $5.50 (spicy bacon caramel corn)