PIE By The Pound

Where pizza-lovers and gluten-free eaters can happily coexist over craft booze

By Erik Mathes

When Jeffrey Reiss was in the process of opening Pie By The Pound 14 years ago, he was eating a lot of pizza. “I’m not kidding, I probably was doing four to six large pies a day back then. By myself,” he stressed with a laugh. “I mean, we had to perfect the recipes.” All that hard eating has obviously paid off, as Reiss has achieved decade-plus longevity in a city not just ultra-competitive for restaurants, but especially cutthroat for pizza.

One of the reasons it’s so popular—aside from the signature skateboard-shaped pies—is that this is more than just a place to eat. You’ll find hungry patrons playing Go, Battleship, and other games at the back tables, or a writers group meeting to discuss life in the freelancing world over craft beer and wine and truffle grilled sandwiches, all surrounded by an ever-changing backdrop of art that hangs throughout the space.

Of course the real reason Village artists, musicians, and NYU students flock here is to savor the pizza—and for the list of craft beer, which includes a number of gluten-free brews. Reiss—who had to eliminate gluten from his own diet two years into running this spot—is proud to have one of the largest selections of gluten-free craft beers and ciders on the planet, to go along with his gluten-free pizza and sandwiches. He also understands just how vital it is to keep his gluten-free prep areas and ovens in a dedicated section of the restaurant.
As for the pizza, it’s nothing like the stuff you find in a typical NYC pizzeria. The ultra-thin-crusted pies—available gluten-free and not—come in roughly 30 varieties, which includes an unparalleled selection of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as plenty of cheese and meat choices, And since it comes by the pound, you can get any size slice of any of these, cut to order. Even cooler, if you can’t decide between the one with fresh mozz, fresh garlic, fresh cubed tomatoes, and basil; the bacon and scallion; the grilled eggplant and arugula with Parmesan; or the ham and pepperoni, you can get yourself a four-slice sampler plate and try them all. Better yet, bring a date and get two samplers so you can try eight different kinds of pizza to take advantage of the variety.

Truffle-lovers can score awesome grilled cheese sandwiches with white truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil. And for dessert, warm cookies with gooey marshmallows and chocolate balance out the savory experience. Whether you’re a thin-crust fanatic or a craft booze connoisseur, in search of divine gluten-free fare or not, Pie By The Pound deserves to be one of your new low-key downtown destinations.


Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM

price range

$12.25 (small mozzarella pie) up to $24.00 (large spinach pie)