Pierrot Gourmet at The Peninsula

By Samantha Lande

A quaint European café stolen from the streets of Paris is where everybody wants to spend Valentine’s Day—or any romantic evening, for that matter. To find it, don't overlook the Peninsula hotel, where casual cafe Pierrot Gourmet keeps the mood light with a seductive pastry case front-and-center, as well as up-tempo jazz and a bustling espresso bar. It is still the Peninsula, though, so expect high-quality, French-inspired soups and salads, rotisserie items, and popular flatbreads, as well as date-worthy shared bites. When you dig in to the fresh field greens salad, be sure to layer your fork with a piece of the oozing Brie, roasted squash, and dried cranberries for a balanced and textured bite. Follow up with the café’s most popular dishes: the flatbreads. Each bite is crisp, satisfyingly chewy, and evenly sprinkled with fresh vegetables, cheese, and toppings.

sweet seats

Small, intimate tables near the window are excellent for people-watching, should your conversation lull.

chew on this

Although the menu heavily leans French, the beer list features a handful of Goose Island and other Midwest craft beers.


Mon–Thu 7 AM–9 PM; Fri–Sat 7 AM–10 PM; Sun 7 AM–5 PM

price range

$5 (cup of French onion soup) to $15 (shrimp tarte flambee)