Radio Africa & Kitchen

It’s hard to fathom that within just 49 square miles there are entire neighborhoods that are completely off the dining radar. Bayview is one of them, and unjustly so. Radio Africa Kitchen’s Chef Eskender Aseged hails from Ethiopia, but has been a fixture in the Bay Area since the ‘80s, working with everyone from Jeremiah Tower to Daniel Peterson. After a series of successful pop-ups, he has brought his African-inflected California cuisine to a permanent space on Third Street. Expect smart surprises like injera croutons and jambalaya with duck sauce and to complement the complex cuisine, Radio Africa has drawn up a short but well curated list of wine and beer.

... on the side

the crowd
You’re not likely to see a dining room anywhere in the city that attracts a more multiculti crowd—a refreshing departure from the whitewash of fine dining establishments around town.

at your service
On our visit, Chef Eskender was a one-man kitchen, and server Goyo held down the dining room single-handedly through the entire evening, all while keeping the house well fed and watered.

on the stereo
Bright, chipper Afropop fills the restaurant with a cheerful vibe and keeps your toes tapping while you eat.



Tue–Sat 5:30 PM–9 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday

price range

$13 to $15