Sidecar Doughnuts

Happiness is local, seasonal dough, fried hourly

By Tracy Ng

Spring is carefree in sunny SoCal, and those in the know will ease into their days by coasting to Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee. This local-grown darling of Costa Mesa and Santa Monica is frying up some of the most farmers market–fresh, eyes-rolled-back-fantastic doughnuts you’ve ever tasted—turning them out hourly. Chef Brooke Desprez’s cake doughnuts—from simple, nostalgic-feeling “Butter & Salt” to gorgeously bright purple “Huckleberry”—and seasonal specials like March's “Coconut Cream Pie” with coconut glaze and cream plus pie crust crumble atop brioche raised doughnut—draw the crowds on the daily.

But the game changer is actually savory: The “Country Ham & Egg,” a brilliant breakfast pastry that places the liquid sunshine of a perfectly poached farm egg, along with juicy slivers of Benton’s ham, inside pillowy raised sweet dough that balances perfectly with the fillings. The March flavors will also feature “Cara Cara Orange,” a zest cake with sweet tangy glaze, and “Rosemary,” a fragrant, rosemary infused and glazed raised ring. You’re sure to race through these addictive bites when you mean to play it cool. But with a portion of sales going to charity via SideCares, it’s all good.

To top this all off, they serve fantastic, exclusive coffee. Sidecar and Stumptown are such mutual fans, they partnered on two signature roasts—Forty Winks and Colt’s Tooth. Hot or iced, they make for the perfect pairing with the chef’s treats. Whether you’re a giver, receiver, or just in need of sugary/savory bribes to get coworkers to your early morning meeting, navigate to Sidecar, and find yourself transported to doughnut and caffeine heaven.


Sun–Thu 6:30 AM–4 PM; Fri–Sat 6:30 AM–9 PM

price range

$2.50 (Madagascar vanilla twist) to $5.25 (country ham and egg)