Smitten Ice Cream

Smitten Ice Cream

By Irvin Lin

Your scoop is made-to-order in 60 seconds: Liquid nitrogen, piped through steel tubes dangling from the ceiling, results in smooth-as-pashmina frozen treats. The science? The faster the cream freezes, the smaller the ice crystals, and the creamier your cone. We're smitten with the seasonal, ever-changing menu of good old new-fashioned ice cream.

Highlights of the small and ever changing menu include Tcho Chocolate ice cream made with dark chocolate from the local chocolatier. If it’s available, the hard-to-pronounce Gianduja, an intense blend of hazelnut and milk chocolate is similar to Nutella except cold, creamier, and more luxurious on the tongue.

the crowd

Smitten is a destination ice cream shop, drawing Hayes Valley hipsters (a slightly more refined and clean shaven version of the Mission hipster), tourists, and moms with kids. Pretty much everyone stops by the shop—ice cream is the great unifier.

... on the side

eye for design
Where else but San Francisco could you find a former shipping container turned ice cream shop? Liquid nitrogen gas bubbling up from “Kelvin,” their ice cream machine, adds to the sci-fi allure, but the red wagon logo keeps it real.

if this place were a TV show it would be
The lovechild of Leave it To Beaver and The Jetsons.


Sun–Thu 11:30 AM-10 PM
Fri–Sat 11: 30 AM–10:30 PM

price range

$3 (kiddie cup) to $10 (large cup)