Sons & Daughters

A nuanced homage to NYC with killer cocktails and cuisine

By Erik Mathes

Haters like to throw shade at New Yorkers by saying we’re gruff—rude, even—but whether you were born and raised in NYC or you adopted the city as your home, you know that the truth about the Big Apple ethos is that it’s all about embracing togetherness, diversity, and sharing. Sure, we take pride in the things we make and do, but that’s simply because we know we have great taste. That New York energy is what the Sons & Daughters essence is all about.

With an emphasis on sharing plates, an eclectic mix of cuisines, and a vibe that’s sophisticated without taking itself too seriously, this is a place for New Yorkers who already get it, and tourists who want a true NYC eating experience. The menu—whether you're having dinner or weekend brunch—reads small in dish count, but each of the plates from executive chef John Bignelli (formerly of wd-50, Alder, and Aquavit) and the cocktails from the bartending team of Tim Cooper, Eryn Reece, and Leo Degroff is prepared and presented with exceptional attention to detail. If something isn’t made in house, it’s curated and sourced with care and responsibility.

Just look at the charcuterie board. Served on a beautiful hunk of wood, there’s thinly sliced Serrano ham, smoky-peppery chorizo, and a Spanish salumi infused with red wine, along with house bread-and-butter pickles, celery relish, grain mustard, and charred, rustic bread doused in olive oil. The rich meats are perfectly complemented by the sweet-tart Mae West, a heady concoction of Greenhook Ginsmiths Old Tom gin, Aperol, Ancho Verde, puckery passion fruit, spicy ginger and cinnamon, Giffard Peche de Vigne, and lime.
Then there are the soft pretzel bites, served warm and pillowy inside a legendary New York serving vessel: a red, plastic basket lined with a sheet of deli paper. One of S&D’s “bar snacks,” these delicious morsels come with a house-made apple mustard and Cheddar cheese sauce, and you will eat every last one.

If you’re hungry for something classy and seasonal for fall, go for the seared scallops. Served on a bed of mashed butternut squash and sweet potato and sprinkled with leaves of Brussels sprouts, they’re tender and luxurious. If one shellfish isn’t enough, opt for the New England clam chowder, a cream-free version that’s simply thickened by potatoes, flavored with bacon, loaded with plump little neck clams, and finished with a deep green parsley oil.

Make sure you try the sole sweet treat on the menu—the churro bites, hot and crispy out of the fryer, are dusted with cinnamon sugar, drizzled with chocolate, and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts. It’s a classic dessert elevated into something a little more city chic, and an indulgence so good it will haunt your thoughts until you’re finally able to return for another round.


Mon–Fri 5 PM–2 AM; Sat noon–2 AM; Sun noon–6 PM

price range

$16 (New England clam chowder) to $28 (grilled skirt steak)