Stone Park Cafe

By Marisa Robertson-Textor

You’d be forgiven, when asked about the menu at Stone Park Cafe, for having to bite your tongue not to describe it as, well, Brooklyn food. Take French techniques, add seasonally driven ingredients sourced from local farms, sift together into an inventive, ever-shifting menu with touches of Mitteleuropa and Mexico, and serve in a cozy, exposed-brick and warm-wood establishment on a bustling street corner along Park Slope’s Fifth Avenue. Brooklyn food—QED. But while the Slope boasts any number of restaurants sporting that same ineffable “Brooklyn Dining” stamp, Stone Park is both friendlier and more of a risk-taker than its competition. It’s a winning combination. “This is the best appetizer ever!” the busboy whispers with a grin as he delivers your plate of scallop and marrow tacos, and with the first slick, sweet-and-salty bite, you realize he’s right.

sweet seats

One of the first things you’ll notice about Stone Park is the sheer number of patrons who choose to dine at the bar (we suspect the affable Irish bartender is to blame). Grab the two-spot in the front window to be just close enough to the action while still enjoying a commanding view of one of the most beautiful street corners in Brooklyn.

chew on this

Just around the corner from Stone Park lies the Old Stone House, a reconstruction of the 17th-century Dutch farmhouse that figured prominently in the Battle of Brooklyn, the largest battle of the American Revolutionary War, before serving as a clubhouse for a professional baseball team that later became known as … the Brooklyn Dodgers. In other words, it just doesn’t get more Brooklyn than this.


dinner: Sun–Thu 5:30 PM–10 PM; Fri–Sat 5:30 PM–11 PM
brunch: Sat–Sun 10 AM–3:30 PM
lunch: Tue–Fri 11:30 AM–2:30 PM

price range

$23 (Swiss chard raviolini) to $27 (cod with chickpea purée)