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By Sean Finney

What in the Sam Hill is “carnival fare?” The long answer: food you might eat in close proximity to a Ferris wheel, but elevated to restaurant quality. The short answer: seriously satisfying grub. Owner Ari Feingold has taken his childhood memories of East Coast boardwalks and channeled them into a menu that has diners lining up for tables on weekend mornings and Saturday nights. Come hungry and bring your taste for fun, because both appetites will be satisfied. Start with a hands-on snack like mini corn dogs with chile ketchup, buttermilk ranch, and nacho cheese dipping sauces. Then get crazy with the Dragon Boat (blackberry BBQ tri-tip skewers) or the Napolean Dynamite, with Cajun prawn skewers that live up to the explosive name. Dessert is a hoot, too, whether you choose the candied bacon and chocolate option—voted Best Pork Dessert by the San Francisco Bay Guardian—or the funnel cakes with a diverting trio of dips.

... on the side

the crowd
Twenty-something women eating with their hands and discussing the dating site du jour while listening to a well-curated selection of country music.

at your service
“Cotton candy clouds. Moonshine nights. Ferris wheel lights.” These words, stenciled in the dining room, capture Straw’s spirit, while the décor in the bathroom reveals its deep quirkiness.



dinner: Mon–Sat 5 PM–10 PM; Sun 5 PM–9 PM
lunch: Mon–Fri 11 AM–2 PM
brunch: Sat–Sun 10 AM–3 PM

price range

$5 (grilled corn elote) to $15 (Napoleon Dynamite)