The Eddy

The East Village’s best kept secret for superb seasonal plates

By Jasmine Moy

It’s a little bit ironic that when you pull up The Eddy on Google Maps, the nearest bar that pops up is Please Don’t Tell, since that’s exactly how you’ll feel about The Eddy once you’ve discovered this secret on East Sixth. It’s not just a good find, it’s exceptional, and throw in the fact of how few seats there are in the dining room—and how you’ll likely want to be able to snag one of them on the regular, and, well, “please don’t tell” starts to make a lot of sense.

Of course, the cocktails are interesting and well balanced, and the service graceful. But it’s not just that either. It’s more about the contrasts presented by the menu—every dish packing just enough punch, the perfect amount of tang, a sprinkling of crunch, and each one more inventive than the last, but not in the pretentious, high-concept sort of way. There’s a vinegary pickled allium broth under the smooth slices of arctic char, and a salty, delicate toasted quinoa that comes over goat cheese for radish-dipping. Then there’s a grilled asparagus coated in an umami-rich bonito vinaigrette but made fresh with mint and crunchy with crushed cashew.
Even the strawberries with Kunik goat cheese, pine nuts, and chamomile works when you’d least expect it to. Panna cotta is velvety under the bright strawberry-black pepper ice and a sprinkling of basil and sea salt. When it comes down to it, essentially every dish at The Eddy undersells and overdelivers, and that’s a high bar to meet in these days of trumped up, media blitzed sensations. Go early and go often, but promise you’ll save us a seat, okay?


Kitchen: Sun–Wed 5:30 PM–10 PM; Thu–Sat 5:30 PM–11 PM
Bar: Sun–Wed 5:30 PM-12 AM; Thu–Sat 5:30 PM–1 AM

price range

$15 (charred Arctic char) to $27 (Duroc pork steak)