The Green Table

Chelsea Market's farm-to-table gem

By Joshua M. Bernstein

Maybe it’s ironic that the Chelsea Market—a building that gave birth to that processed-food miracle, the Oreo—houses one of the city’s most serious practitioners of farmer-focused cuisine, but it’s tough to quibble with the Green Table’s rigorous commitment to locally sourced, sustainable cuisine. Instead of getting preachy about their mission, the organic restaurant (an offshoot of catering firm the Cleaver Co.) lets the unimpeachable quality of its food do the talking, preferably as you’re nestled in a farmhouse-style chair, sipping a biodynamic glass of wine or cocktail crafted from quinoa vodka.

Everything we tried was delicious, but beware of menu changes, the kitchen cooks based on the freshest ingredients from local farms. We started with tender, just-plucked asparagus awash in a rich puddle of sauce béarnaise chunked with lardons, then topped by a poached egg with righteously runny insides the color of Sunkist oranges. From there, nibble on crunchy, bite-size crudités dipped in a ramekin of cloud-light ricotta (though the veggies are dandy on their own), before diving into scallop ceviche perched atop chunky seasonal gazpacho (fingers crossed it’s the smoky kind!). For entrées, either opt for a why-didn’t-mom-make-it-this-good? grilled cheese concocted from raw-milk cheddar and seasonal chutney—the rhubarb is particularly boss—or a plate-dwarfing po’boy filled with crunchy bacon and cornmeal-coated oysters the size of a fifth-grader’s fist. Despite the bivalves’ heft and stint in a deep fryer, they remain plump and briny as all get-out.

the crowd

Eye candy confirming that putting good things in your body truly does produce beauty on the outside, BlackBerry loyalists and iPhone-cradling workers from the Food Network and the Oxygen Network (based upstairs) gab between bites of crudités.

... on the side

Editor's pick
The Green Table's catering company, Cleaver & Co., catered the wedding of the Editor-in-Chief / Founder of BlackboardEats.

And the award goes to
The Green Table was named Best Green Restaurant in NYC by The Nature Conservancy’s People’s Choice Nature’s Plate Awards for 2012.

get happy
To entice the upstairs employees from leaving the building after work, the Green Table runs a weekday happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. offering $5 draft beer, $6 tap wine and $7 seasonal cocktails.

Medium, though the Chelsea Market shoppers can create quite a racket.


Mon–Fri 11:30AM–4PM, 5PM–10PM; Sat 11AM–4PM, 5PM–10PM; Sun 11AM–4PM

price range

$5 (market soup) to $28 (Mahi-Mahi)