By Carole Dixon


Dylan Ho

Jonathan Gold put it best when he said, "there may be no more universal pleasure in the world of meat than a well-made sausage plucked straight from the fire." At Wurstküche that is exactly what you get.

Dig into a sausage, fries and a perhaps a draft beer. Thick cut, crispy Belgian fries are served with dipping sauces that are worth looking into like bleu cheese walnut and bacon—which pairs oddly well with the pheasant sausage, and curry ketchup. Try your sausage with Duchesse De Bourgogne, a tangy red ale favored by wine lovers, or a hoppy Houblon Choufie—Belgian IPA with light floral notes.

The crowd ranges from older to college age and even on a weekday you can find t-shirt and jean clad couples enjoying a glass of beer during lunch. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday there is a DJ but if you don’t want to wait in line arrive before 7pm.

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Eclectic Indie rock
Tears for Fears

A small adjacent patio offers a quieter, calmer place to dine where a small group can sit at a private table, or you can take one of the smaller tables running along the window seats which help absorb some of the room buzz.

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If you're feeling adventurous, kick back a few Franziskaners and play the old "pronounce Wurstküche" game.


Daily: 11AM–midnight