Love BBE? Introducing BBE VIP Membership

VIP access

Get BBE "Editor's Pick" Specials beyond the 48-hour window, and throughout the run of a Special. You will also have more specials to choose from at once in your BBE VIP access, which can be found in My Blackboard.

Permanent Passcode

Get a permanent passcode that never changes for BBE "Editor's Pick" Specials. No more shuffling for your code or having to remember random numbers. Every time you click "get the special," your permanent passcode gets added to the list.

Virtual membership card

Flash your card from your BBE app (found in the “My Codes” tab) and voilà, you never have to say your passcode aloud again.

Extended Redemption

Mere mortals have 1-2 months to use a code for BBE "Editor's Pick" Specials, but BBE VIPs will get an additional month—as often as possible.

Please note: VIP memberships are not available for our Market edition.

Want in? Purchase your BBE VIP membership now!